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These People Have No Manners – At All!

Jun 5

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6/5/2015 3:01 PM  RssIcon

By Dan Sweeney, Director
Institute for Enterprise Ethics

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics | UBER Hiring PracticesWhat is with these new-age high-tech operations, playing at business with absolutely no professional dignity, much less decorum? Within the past week, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported on two example of high-tech companies being accused of pilfering key employees and all of their intellectual capital from competitors and presumed business partners.

On May 28, 2015, the New York Times ran the following headline in its Deal Book column: “Competitor Accuses FitBit Of Stealing Information By Hiring Workers Away”. Sure, it’s not illegal, but it’s a terrible way for a company to treat newly recruited employees; putting them in the position of having to betray their previous employer’s confidence as a condition of employment. Such recruiting tactics certainly do not inspire trust, much less loyalty in a workforce.

Fit Bit Hiring PracticesOn June 1, the Wall Street Journal ran an article stating that “…Uber Technologies Inc. poached 40 of Carnegie Mellon’s researchers and scientists earlier this year, a raid that left one of the world’s top robotics research institutions in a crisis.” Uber pulled off this raid following the announcing “…a strategic partnership in which the school would ‘work closely’ with the ride-hailing service to develop a driverless car technology.” Again this is not illegal, but it certainly is boorish, crude, very amateurish and stupid; what other company will ever consider trusting Uber to behave in any way approximating professionalism?

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