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Quarterly Ethics Review - Episode 4

The Quarterly Ethics Review is an in-depth discussion that focuses on timely issues in business through a lens of ethics.

This edition of the Quarterly Ethics Review, held May 8, 2015, sheds light on three of the stories of failed ethical cultures and questionable ethical activities in the US business community reported in the press during the three months prior.

Moderated by the Director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics, Dan Sweeney, the panel discussed:

  • Human Resources issues in Silicon Vally - The Ellen Pao case
  • Social causes and the CEO — "Race Together" at Starbucks
  • The changing definitions of the workforce in America — "On Demand" workers
  • New regulations in the "Pay Day" loans financial sector — Predatory lending or a fair rate of return
  • Short sighted philanthropy or a genuine act of selflessness - The Curious Case of Matt Wage

Sweeney was joined by Daniels College of Business professors Dr. Ali Besherat, Dr. Ruth Jebe, and Dr. Doug Allen for this lively discussion.

Quarterly Ethics Review Q2-2015 (51:52)

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