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Institute for Enterprise Ethics, Hitachi Data Systems

How do you make your business one of the World's Most Ethical Companies?

Hitachi Data Systems is one of the Ethisphere Institute’s World’s Most Ethical Companies. Their Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs gives presents a precise, step-by-step approach to achieving this recognition covering topics from board oversight to structuring a compliance program, to tone at the top and communication.  Click here to read the entire article originally published in the International In-house Counsel Journal.

Institute for Enterprise Ethics, Dan Sweeney

Will They Ever Learn?

Once again leading competitors in a commodities industry have been convicted for market manipulation and price fixing. (For a complete reporting see: Cartel.) This conviction produced the largest fine in the history of the European Commission, €4.7B and involved seven of the leading manufacturers of cathode-ray tubes for televisions and desk top computers, including such luminaries as Phillips Electronics, Panasonic and Toshiba. What is the solution to this serial, stupid and illegal attempt to control competition?  See what Dan Sweeney has to say here.

Institute for Enterprise Ethics, Yahoo

Ethics in Business, and Everyday

This video has a discussion about the ethics on both sides of the recent Yahoo story regarding that the CEO potentially misrepresented his resume, and other related stories.  For the full video, please click here

Institute for Enterprise Ethics Whistleblower Roundtable

Whistleblowing Roundtable Position Paper

On September 8, 2011, The Institute for Enterprise Ethics hosted a gathering of more than 30 business leaders, practitioners, service providers and academics to discuss the challenges in implementing the recently released SEC regulations for the whistleblowing provisions of the Dodd-Frank legislation. The diversity and experience of the group provided a robust discussion and rich variety of perspectives.

Click here to read the Institute’s position paper on this discussion and here to view Professor O'Brien's presentation.


The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics has an alliance with the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Recently Dr. Dan Sweeney, the Director of the Institute, traveled to Santa Clara to attend one of the meetings of the Partnership. Dr. Sweeney spent the day with the corporate counsels, ethics and compliance officers, other executives from various Silicon Valley companies and a very impressive group of ethics experts from various universities in the greater Bay area discussing a number of topics relating to enterprise ethics.

Click here to view the YouTube video.

Ethics and Risk

The recent economic downturn was substantially caused by financial firms inability or unwillingness to adequately manage their risk profile. We all knew that somewhere underlying all the fancy financial footwork were some egregious ethical missteps. Bill Heck of the Board of Directors Development Group has a simple but important perspective on this issue.

Click here to read his article in PDF format.

 Ethics in a Time of Crisis

Ethics in a Time of Crisis

Few situations are as threatening to the ethical values of an enterprise than when the organization is facing a crisis. By its very nature, a crisis puts the basic survival of the enterprise at risk. Decisions must be made and the stakes are very high. The possibility of sacrificing some elements of the organization’s ethical values and cultural becomes a real option. How does an enterprise use its ethical foundation as a source of strength in a crisis rather than as bargaining chip in a critical situation? The Ethics Resource Center has provided a valuable piece of research to help answer this question: Accepting Responsibility Responsibly: Corporate Response in a Time of Crisis.

Click here to review the full report from the Ethics Resource Center.
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