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Governance & Leadership

Governance & Leadership

Recent Programs

October 17, 2013: Developing Ethical Leaders and Leadership, with Scott McLagan, Daniels College of Business

Professor McLagan led this discussion on how companies can assure the leaders they bring up through their ranks have a well-developed sense of business ethics and are prepared to exercise a strong culture of ethical leadership in their organizations. Attendees shared how the next generation of leaders will carry on and reinforce the guiding values and high ethical standards that underlay the current organization.

May 9, 2013: The Ethics Discussion in the Board Room, with Bill Heck, Principal of the Harlon Group
Ethics is such an important element in a board’s effectiveness, then why are frank discussions of the topic such a rarity in corporate boardrooms? In fact, it seems that unless the board is facing an ethical crisis situation or its time to re-approve the corporation’s code of conduct, the ethics discussion never occurs.  Why is that and how can we change such a situation?

January 10, 2013: Ethical Leadership and the Millennial Generation, with Dr. Karen Newman, Daniels College of Business
Professor Newman, from the Department of Management led this discussion which highlighted how to balance attitudes and habits of this generation as it continues to fill the workforce.

October 11, 2012: Short-Termism and Ethical Behavior featuring Dr. Lorenzo Patelli

School of Accountancy Professor Lorenzo Patelli introduced the topic, and a discussion followed on how leaders can guide their organizations for the long run while surviving and thriving in the short-term.

Click here to watch Professor Patelli's introductory comments.  Click here to read the white paper.

May 10, 2012: Executive Breakfast featuring Bob Vanourek
Bob Vanourek. Former CEO of Sensormatic and Recognition Equipment and author, with his son Gregg, of the soon to be published Triple Crown Leadership will lead a conversation among a small group a senior executives and directors on the board of directors as the stewards of the corporation’s culture.

Click here
to watch Bob Vanourek's thoughts on "New Responsibilities for Directors and Senior Executives."

February 9, 2012: Executive Breakfast featuring Dr. James O’Toole

A small group of C-level executives and independent directors will gather to talk with Professor O’Toole about how to create a culture of candor and transparency in their organizations. The event will be scheduled for an early morning two hour breakfast at a convenient venue on the University of Denver campus.

Click here to watch Dr. O'Toole's thoughts on "Creating a Culture of Candor."

Upcoming Programs

January 9, 2014: Strategy, Risk and Ethics, with Dan Sweeney, Daniels College of Business

May 8, 2014: How to Think About the Ethics of Executive Compensation, with John Balkcom, Independent Director and former Executive Compensation Consultant

October 9, 2014: Assessing the Ethical Profile of Executive Candidates, with Joe Colosimo, Daniels College of Business and Colosimo Associates
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