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Enterprise Ethics & Compliance

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics helps business leaders committed to embracing ethical management practices stay at the forefront of these critical areas of concern by providing access to the latest thinking and best practices for effectively and efficiently executing the strategies and tactics of the ethical organization.

Recent Programs

September 19, 2013: Incentive Compensation and Ethical Behavior, with Peter Miterko, Pearl/Meyers Partners

No other element of business management has been blamed for organizational malfeasance and unethical personal behavior as much as well-intentioned incentive compensation systems run amuck. From stock option rewards to executive bonuses to commission systems, incentive pay has been seen as the common cause of everything from FCPA violations to accounting fraud to market manipulation and competitive collusion. How do companies avoid the pitfalls of such incentive programs?  This program addressed how companies can address the design and implementation of incentive compensation systems that encourage ethical behavior and don’t inadvertently encourage unwanted activity.

April 11, 2013: The Ethics Risk Assessment, with Professor Erin Nickell, Daniels College of Business
Two of the hottest items in the arena of corporate governance these days are corporate ethics and the corporate risk assessment. The former usually is discussed in the context of the Code of Ethics review and the latter in terms of adherence to various legal requirements. Seldom are the topics of business ethics and business risk assessments combined. Yet many of the most dangerous episodes in a company’s strategy and operations are colored by significant ethical risks not revealed by in the assessment of compliance or reputational risk. We will explore these issues and more at the roundtable discussion.  Click here to read the introductory comments.

February 7, 2013: Social Media and the Ethics and Compliance Program

Whether it be in the corporate board room, on the industry blogs, on the Facebook pages of employees or on the Twitter feeds of key sales and marketing people, social media are significantly effecting how information flows around office, corporate and industry circles. Such a free-flowing, unregulated and ubiquitous network of communication raises some new and untested issues for the design and management of a company’s ethics and compliance program. Professor Kevin O'Brien from the Daniels College of Business and Brad Friedman, of the Friedman Group moderated this robust discussion.  Click here for the special feature, including a short video of the discussion.

September 20, 2012: Global Compliance: What Works, What Doesn't

Designing and implementing a corporate ethics and compliance program effective on a global scale across diverse sovereignties, economies and cultures is a daunting job. It requires balancing cultural and legal issues while considering different standards from the home country, the host country, international authorities and corporate requirements. How does a company reconcile all these moving parts to adhere to an acceptable compliance program as well as local customs?  These issues were discussed at this roundtable.  Click here for moderator Dr. Doug Allen's slides and here for Dr. Don Mayer's presentation.

June 21, 2012:  Tone at the Middle: Middle Management and Ethical Behavior

We all have heard a lot about the importance of “Tone at the Top” in communicating the values and culture of an organization. However, most managers and other employees do not report to the CEO or even to any of the CEO’s direct reports. Most employees have much closer contact with their immediate boss and see them as much more important authority figure than anyone in the executive suite. An employees’ direct boss has a great influence on the employees’ sense of what is right or wrong behavior in their enterprise. 

Upcoming Programs

February 13, 2014: Ethics, Compliance and the Millennial Generation, with Karen Newman, Daniels College of Business

April 10, 2014: Dealing With a Toxic Culture, with Bob Vanourek, co-Author of Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical and Enduring Organizations

September 11, 2014: Measuring "Trust" in an Organization
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