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Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking #16 | Equifax Data Breach
Recorded October 4, 2017

Dan Sweeney, Director of The Institute for Enterprise Ethics, invited Andrew Urbaczewski, Chair of the Department of Business Information and Analytics, to discuss the causation and ramifications of the EQUIFAX data breach.

A number of thought provoking insights and real-world complexity of data security in the modern age were revealed.
Episode #16

Former Equifax CEO testifies before Congress

CNN | Equifax CEO Before Congress
Richard Smith, the former CEO of Equifax (EFX), testified Tuesday morning before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the credit reporting firm's massive security breach.

Smith apologized numerous times throughout the hearing for the breach and said it was the result of "human error and technological error."

"The criminal hack happened on my watch... I take full responsibility," he said in opening remarks. "I'm here today to say to each and every person affected by this breach I'm truly and deeply sorry for what happened."

Click here to read the article and watch the video on CNN.

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