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Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking

The Wells Fargo "Ghost Account" Scandal and the Report to the Board of Directors

In this 6-part Special Edition of Ethically Speaking, a panel of experts from the Institute for Enterprise Ethics discuss the scandal, the highlights of the report to the Board of Directors and the "lessons learned" through a lens of business ethics, corporate governance and compliance.

Dan Sweeney, Director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics is joined by John Balkcom and Ali Machado.
Part 1: You Get what You Pay For

Part 2: A Rogue Culture

Part 3 | The Watchmaker
Part 4 | Where Did John Stumpf Stumble?

Part 5 | So, Where Was the Board?

Part 6 - Final Thoughts

The Wells Fargo Report

Wells Fargo Report | Institute for Enterprise Ethics

The Independent Director-sponsored report on Wells Fargo's cross-selling scandal has been received, accepted and communicated to the public by the board and its Chairman, Stephen Sanger. Early reporting, by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, reveals a number of important clues as to how this happened to such an otherwise very well respected company. We anticipate much more to be revealed from the report and subsequent legal proceedings in the near future, but even now we can learn some important indicators and enablers (in no particular order or priority) of how this calamity came to be.

Click here to read more.

If you would like to read the Wells Fargo Report, click here to access a PDF of the document.

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