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Elevating Gender Ethics in the Workplace
Gender Ethics

Elevating Gender Ethics in the Workplace
Thursday, March 1, 2018

A One-Half Day Discussion to Answer the Question:

"What Can Leaders and their Organizations Do To Establish and Promote
Higher Standards of Gender Ethics and Power Equity in the Workplace"


Keynote Addresses by Three Respected and Experienced Experts on:

·    "Why don't laws, regulations, hot lines and HR departments work?"

·    "Why is it so hard to change a pervasive institutional gender bias in an organization?"

·    "How can organizations propagate and encourage a culture that promotes gender ethics and power equity?"

Facilitated Audience Roundtable Discussions

Moderated Discussions Among a Panel of Senior Operating Executives Seeking Solutions and Better Practices

The event will take place on the campus of The University of Denver and is hosted by:

Gender Equality in the Workplace
To learn more about the event, or to re3gister, please contact Ashley Mercer by E-mail:
or by phone: (303) 871-4820.

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