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About the Institute

About the Institute

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics was established at Daniels as the vehicle to extend the College’s expertise and resources in business ethics to the practitioner community of executives, officers and directors of commercial and social enterprises in the region. With its focus on Enterprise Ethics and Compliance, Enterprise Leadership and Governance, and Enterprise Social Responsibility and Sustainability, the Institute’s mission is to help executives, officers and directors keep their organizations at the forefront of enterprise ethics.

The Institute’s programs are designed to be of value to businesses and service enterprises large and small. Participants will realize a variety of benefits from being a part of these events such as:

  • Having access to the latest knowledge, research and practical experiences of seasoned business executives and respected scholars in the area of enterprise ethics.
  • Understanding and discussing with peers new as well as tried and true approaches to dealing with emerging enterprise ethics issues that can be applied to actual business situations.
  • Exposing young and rising executives and directors to the debate and dialog on current ethical behavior issues
  • Networking with other practitioners who are interested in current topics in ethics, compliance, leadership, governance, social responsibility and sustainability.

Annual Report

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | 2016 Annual Report

The 2015/2016  Institute for Enterprise Ethics Annual Report is now available online. The report highlights our activities and major events throughout the year.  As you will see, the Institute has had a full and successful agenda. We would like to thank all of our supporters and participants who have made it possible for the Institute to make good progress in the pursuit of our mission of helping enterprise leaders weave the principles of ethical leadership into the fabric of their organization.

Click here to view the 2015/2016 interactive Annual Report.

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