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Elevate Ethics | May 5, 2015

Join The Institute for Enterprise Ethics for the 2015 edition of Elevate Ethics, on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. We three outstanding panelists and a talented moderator for 2015. Former Mayor of Denver and independent director on the Wells Fargo board, Federico Peña and the President and CEO of IHS, Scott Key, and Teresa Taylor, former Chief Operating Officer of Qwest Communications are all confirmed.

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“A Bold Statement” from Intel

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | Intel HQ

On Tuesday, January 6, Intel made a bold statement at the annual International CES show in Las Vegas announcing an aggressive program to rebalance the gender and ethnic composition of its workforce. Facing several substantial headwinds including the very low percentage of both female and black in the technology workforce and the limited supply of skilled workers in those groups, Intel announced the creation of a $300M fund for engineering scholarships and support for historically black schools. “That’s a big deal” said Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford University and author of a recent book on women in the technology industry.

Click here to read the complete New York Times article.

A Perfect Match

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | Cheyenne Capital

Whatever could bring a London hedge fund and a mental health charity together? The answer is a potential investor in the fund with a social mission. This match produced the Cheyne Social Property Impact Fund managed by Cheyne Capital, a $6B London hedge fund anchored by a seed commitment from Big Society Capital a government-established finance group with a focus on social impact. The mental health charity needed capital to acquire more property to care for the elderly and the needy.

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What's New

The Sony Decision
Institute for Enterprise Ethics | SONY Decision
The Sony Corporation has been criticized, vilified and disparaged for their decision to cancel the release of their film The Interview in the face of threats from North Korea. Then they changed their mind and allowed it to open in a couple of hundred independent theaters. My opinion is that they were right to cancel the theater release in the first place and wrong to renege on that decision.

To find out why, click here.

Leadership, Morality and Accountability

Enterprise Ethics

Two different perspectives on accountability arrived on my screen recently, from two good friends, great colleagues and very keen thinkers. One perspective used accountability as a prime dimension of leadership, arguing becoming an effective leader requires accepting accountability for results well beyond one’s own level of comfort.

The other perspective dealt with the proposition that corporations could be held morally accountable not because they have a soul, but because they have a culture and that culture should drive ethical behavior. It seems to me these two perspectives are very complementary.

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GM and the High Price of Cultural Neglect

Enterprise Ethics | GM ScandalWhy did the problem of a faulty ignition switch languish in some small backwater of the GM bureaucracy for more than a decade?

Well, there appear to be several reasons the company decided to produce and sell a product to that the decision makers knew was defective, did not meet the company’s own specifications and would not consistently operate the way it was supposed to.

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Strategic Partners

NetImpact's mission is tNetImpact | University of Denvero cultivate a community of Daniel's College of Business students and professionals dedicated to using business as a platform for creating positive social, environmental, and financial impact.

Strategic Partners

National Association of Corporate Directors | Colorado Chapter

The vision of the National Association of Corporate Directors is to develop the best educated directors with a focus on skills, ethics and leadership.  Their mission is to provide real learning and quality networking for directors and board engaged “C” suite officers and to be the voice for the director.


About the Institute

The Institute for Enterprise Ethics was established at the Daniel's College of Business as the vehicle to extend the College’s expertise and resources in business ethics to the practitioner community of executives, officers and directors of commercial and social enterprises in the region.

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